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Advance Clean Energy Workshops & National Solar Competition - 2023

SEPA was ideated in 2019, as a Non-profit, non – Government organization, lead & managed by Industry. We have tasked ourselves to create awareness among Students and to catalyze collaborations between Industry leading to focused outcomes, in terms of funding for research, product & process evolution, Skills & Entrepreneurial Development in the Renewable Energy Domain.


Encouraged by the support and enthusiasm from Institution and Industry, SEPA is now organizing in July 2023 and spread over 4 months as many venues, the event combines on – line and hands – on Competitions and workshops, the final Competition and Workshop to be held in New Delhi in October 2023.


A nominal fee for Members will be free. 

A nominal fee for Non- Members Rs. 2360 inclusive of GST will be collected from participants for the Workshop. 


In addition to the direct engagements and interactions with the participating delegates at the Workshops, the Sponsors will also receive Newsletters, publications and updates from Sustainability and Energy Practitioners Association.

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