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The DNA and construct at the core of SEPA's goals and activities is the Industrial Council. Being the foundation for its very idea, SEPA's Industrial Council is a fraternity of prominent industrial leaders from across all sectors of Industry, who share a passion for Sustainability Goals, through Knowledge Exchange, Skill Development, Strengthening of Industrial and Academic Research and focused Collaboration between Universities and Industry, in the Renewable Energy domain.

Members of the Industrial Council, with their background and Management experience, can add great value and heft to SEPA's effort through their networks. Their perceptive individual and collective leadership can help crystallise opinion for formulating Policy at various levels of Government.

As a Member of the Industrial Council, you will;

Have a platform for interaction and exchange of information on the latest trends in Renewable Energy and conversation.

Discover synergies with a growing body of professionals in the Renewable Energy Domain.

Participate in seminars, training programs, conferences and meetings; meet Global Business Leaders and officials of the Government.

Have opportunities for talks and presentations on subjects you are passionate about.

Contribute to Skill Development programs and to SEPA's growing Knowledge Resource.

Be able to network with Institutes of Higher Education and Research that can lead to product development opportunities.

Have opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded members and leaders in Industry.

Be a source of reference and consulting in the Renewable Energy Domain.


The Industrial Council being at the core of SEPA's organisation is complemented by SEPA's Academic Council, in the Association's functional canvas. It serves as a repertoire of Knowledge Resources, disseminating and aiding exchange of information. Membership of this Council is by invitation from among the members of the Association. This Council plays a vital role in realising the aims and goals of the Association, members of this Council are normally Heads of Institutions, Senior Faculty, Heads of Research Institutions,Think Tanks and Green Energy Activists, who have a shared value and passion for a sustainable future for all.

The Academic Council draws up content for SEPA's events and the members of the council, network with Institutions across the country and abroad too, for :​

Creating awareness about Sustainability and its various aspects, including Energy Conservation, Efficiency of Energy Conversion and its impact in reducing pollution and improving the Environment.

Collaborate with Institutions and Industry to conduct Seminars, Webinars and Workshops for Students, Industrial workforce and Energy Management personnel.

Coordinate with reputed Institutions to set up Centres of Excellence in different parts of the country.

Arrange for internship for students in Industries.

Short courses on topics related to Energy Management and Audit for staff from Industry.

Coordinate and promote University - Industry relationships for funding and support for Research work at Institutions.

Organise Competitions for Students and Industrial workforce at Local, State and National Levels.

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