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Institutional Membership
  • Networking opportunities with other leading Institutions, Industry,Government and  Other Organisations, for Faculty and Students.

  • Internship for your Students with reputed Industries and organisations working on Sustainability and Energy Management.

  • Student Placement opportunities with Industries and organisation.

  • Industrial training opportunities for college students.

  • Consulting opportunities for Faculty with Industries on their project.

  • Conduct training programs and workshops for other Institution (Faculty & Students).

  • Conduct Executive Development programs and Workshops for Industries.

  • Student Participation in National level Competition, seminar and workshops.

  • Cultivation of Entrepreneurial culture in Students in the field of Sustainability and Energy management.

  • Avail Institutional membership at ₹ 30,000 + GST (Thirty thousand rupees only + GST), renewal every 3 years.

Faculty Membership
  • Be a part of real research programs.

  • Stay connected to the industry. 

  • Avail internships for students.

  • Be a part of training, seminars and research programs.

  • Receive sponsorship for projects.

  • Avail Faculty membership at ₹ 6,000 + GST(Six thousand rupees only).

Student Membership
  • Better placement opportunities.

  • Internship with green technology industries.

  • Participation in national level competitions.

  • Be a part of training, workshops, seminars and research.

  • Avail Student membership at ₹ 500 + GST (Renewal annually).

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