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Sustainability and Energy Practitioner Association (SEPA)was ideated to empower the nation - its builders and the upcoming generations - for a sustainability future. Conceived after wide ranging discussion with stakeholders across Industry and Academia, SEPA is a Non-Profit, Non-Govt, Industry-led and Industry managed organisation and looks to creating a Technological and demographically inclusive movement that seeks to achieve its aims that are in sync with the Nations Sustainable Development Goals


SEPA envision an enlightened society that is consider of its continual, collective commitment towards Sustainability Development Goals and a prosperous future for all


SEPA seeks to Create awareness, about Sustainability and its various dimensions, amongst all segments of stakeholders, through knowledge dissemination, Skill development and to be catalyst for focused collaborations between Industry and Academia, for the all-round benefits of the population.


SEPA's construct stems from its Vision and Mission, it's organisation designed to achieve the aims and goals, it has set for itself. Two councils - Industrial and Academic, consistuted with illustrious persons drawn from SEPA's membership from Industry & Academia, plan and steer the activities of the Association.     

Meet the Team


Conduct Seminars and webinar, Workshops, Training for Students, Industrial personnel, Academic Staff on Sustainability and emerging Renewable Energy Technologies.

Create Centre's of Excellence in Collaboration with reputed Institutes across India

Enable and support research in emerging Green Technologies through Industry - University Collaboration

Aid consolidation of opinion of members and stakeholders, with regard to applicable policies of States and Union government.

Work with like- minded entities- both National and International, for knowledge exchange, research opportunities for students and working professionals and students and working professionals and student exchange programmes.

Competitions in the Renewable Energy and sustainability domain for students at the state and National Levels.

Support other Organisations, Institutions and Colleges in creating awareness regarding concepts of Sustainability.

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